The Income Tax case of Shah Rukh Khan on benami property case came in the favour of Shah Rukh Khan. After the amendment in Benami property 2016, Shah Rukh was the most prominent case filed under the Benami Property Act. The Tax trouble started for SRK’s farmhouse built on agricultural land and adjoining plot came under the I-T department scan. This case was for SRK’s property that he purchased in Alibaug. Since Maharashtra Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act (MTAL) allows transfer of agricultural land for agricultural purposes only but farmhouse was built.
The I-T claimed Deja Vu Farms as a benamidar which acted for the benefit for SRK. However, the Adjudicating Authority rejected this I-T department claim against Shah Rukh and the company saying a "commercial transaction entered into course of business by an independent entity cannot be coloured as benami transaction because it had sourced the funds from loans." SRK, his wife Gauri and in-laws are shareholders of Deja Vu Farms Pvt. But this does not prove that there is a benami transaction because it had sourced the funds from loans.