Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Private Ltd (MDFVPL) is held alleged under the fraud case of Rs. 1000 crore.

Lucknow-based Dharmendra Pratap Singh has initiated a complaint by filing against the Pvt. Ltd i.e., a wholly owned subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board with several instances. The complaint summons for the Serious Fraud Investigation Office intervention.

According to the report, MDFVPL invested in inter-corporate deposits of IL&FS. The investment in the alleged company was over ₹190 crore. It duration of the period was only for 8-16 days (between August 20, 2018, and August 28, 2018).
The investment of MDFVPL is not just in IF&FS which is in question, but the fund amounting over ₹100 crore into over 15 subsidiaries set up illegally and that later disappeared.

In the period between 2004 and 2014, the company again makes an alleging act by paying excess fund to purchase milk from sources other than cooperatives. The purchase was made of Rs. 180 crore.
Further, the evidence against the company also proves the fraud on other accounts including an allegation of fraud by using Safari National Exchange. Safari National Exchange was a joint venture set up by MDFCPL with Jignesh Shah-promoted Financial Technologies India Ltd.

Another instance proves the fraud action of the MDFVPL is that it didn't consume the grants received of Rs. 500 crore for the said purpose. The fund was granted by from GoI under National Dairy Plan Scheme in order to set up milk producer companies. No accountability is provided in consumption of the fund.

The Department of Economic Affairs has asked the Secretary, Ministry of Corporate Affairs to take “necessary action”.