InvestorQ : What is the core business of Gland Pharma?
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What is the core business of Gland Pharma?

Juvina Maggie answered.
9 months ago

Hyderabad-based Gland Pharma was established in 1978 and has a global footprint across 60 countries. It develops, manufactures and markets complex injectables. Gland Pharma has seven manufacturing facilities in India. China's Fosun Pharma had acquired a 74% stake in the company in 2017.

Gland Pharma gets around two-third of the revenue from US. Top five customers in FY20 accounted for 49%, of the total revenue from operations. The company has a strong R&D focus with 267 ANDA filings in the US, of which 215 are approved and the rest are pending approvals, leading to a portfolio of 1,427 product registrations across the world.

Gland Pharma has four manufacturing facilities with 22 lines that produce finished formulations, and 3 facilities to manufacture the APIs which in turn feed into the finished formulation products. The company says that none of its facilities has received a warning letter from the USFDA since inception.