InvestorQ : What is the benefit of taking a two-wheeler insurance?
Neha Samdani made post

What is the benefit of taking a two-wheeler insurance?

Radhika Arya answered.
3 years ago

Honestly, this question is a little baseless, because the government has made taking a two-wheeler insurance mandatory in India. But let’s discuss the gains you get after having insured your vehicle.

Benefits of taking a two-wheeler insurance:

It protects your vehicles: Be it a small dent on your two-wheeler or replacement of most parts after having met with an accident, your two-wheeler insurance has got you covered. The two-wheeler insurance will cover partial loss as well as complete loss of your two-wheeler. An insurance policy will also reimburse costs incurred on damages caused to your own vehicle as well as third-party’s vehicle.

Covers third-party liability and damage: In continuation with the above point, if the insured vehicle is involved in an accident, then the cost incurred due to damage to a third party would be covered by the insurance company.

Provides cashless garage facility: If your insured two wheeler suffers a breakdown or machinery issue, your insurance company will offer you cashless garage facilities at various locations.

This facility is very beneficial in times when you meet with an accident or when your vehicle has a sudden breakdown. In such situations, you may not be equipped with instant cash to pay for your vehicle repairs. With a cashless garage facility, you can rely on your insurance company to settle the repair bills fully once the work is done.

Insures riders: Many two-wheeler insurance policies offer coverage to the rider even if he or she is not the policyholder. This can be a person who is delivering goods for a business or someone who is using the two wheeler for personal reasons. When the rider is a part of an accident, he or she will receive compensation from the insurance policy for meeting his or her medical or hospitalisation expenditures.

Get additional coverage: Two-wheeler insurance policies provide additional coverage for various purposes such as accidental death, permanent or temporary disability caused by an accident, personal accident cover, zero depreciation cover, etc. Do note that you will be required to pay an additional premium to your insurer in order to enjoy the additional coverage.

Gives you peace of mind:

An accident is a mentally, physically as well as emotionally taxing time. With a two-wheeler insurance policy, you can reduce your stress. As you will only have to file a claim for the company to take care of the rest, you will not be tensed about burning a hole in your pocket for handling your medical and repair expenses.