InvestorQ : What is share market?
Priyanka Jain made post

What is share market?

Juvina Maggie answered.
3 years ago
Have you ever seen the BSE Towers in Mumbai? That is an example of a share market. Actually, a share market is a place to buy and sell shares. Rather it is a platform to buy and sell shares. When a company needs to raise funds for its business it issues shares to the public. If you open the stocks page of any newspaper you will find share prices. These are the prices at which the shares are traded in the share market. You can look at share market like any other market. Just like you go to a Big Bazaar or DMART to buy your daily needs or you go to a clothing shop to buy clothes, similarly, you can buy shares in the market. The only difference is that in the share market there are many buyers and many sellers.
For example, if Anil wants to buy shares of Reliance Industries and Sunil wants to sell shares of Reliance Industries, there will be a small challenge. Anil and Sunil may not know each other so they do not know what the other person wants. That is the problem that the share market solves. The share market basically brings buyers of shares and sellers of shares together. If you want to buy shares, you can go to the share market and find a seller. Similarly, if you are looking to sell your shares then you can go to the share market and find a buyer.