InvestorQ : what is number system
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what is number system

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Tanya Mehta answered.
1 year ago

The numbers in the stock exchange have their respective meaning if you interpret it carefully you a definitely make the best investment decision.

Numbers in the market help to know the changes occurring in stock price, Bid & Ask, lot size, etc.
Nifty 50 - means that the Index contains 50 stocks. The trading activities in any of 50 stock gives a direct impact to the Nifty50 Index.
Eg; Share movements in JetAiways, Yesbank, etc,.

'Last traded price'' (LTP ) Is the number that helps investors to create a strategy for the next trading day. It helps to know to the positive or the negative trend, the upward or the downward trend of the stock. LTP is relevant only during trading hours