InvestorQ : What is not included in a personal liability insurance?
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What is not included in a personal liability insurance?

Samita Patil answered.
3 years ago

A personal liability is if an accident occurs, in or out of your home, that results in bodily injury or damages property for which you are held legally responsible. Personal liability claims can include medical bills, legal fees and more if a guest is injured on your property.

If you were to take a personal liability insurance, then you would get cover if any guest or third party gets harmed or even if their property gets injured while inside your home.

While a standard home insurance will cover certain personal liability claims, there are other claims that may not be covered. Claims that might not be covered, or exclusions from the insurance policy, are:

- Liability resulting from an automobile accident (this will typically be covered by your auto insurance)

- Bodily injury or property damage caused intentionally by you or a family member in your home

- Injuries or damages sustained by you or family members in your home

- Business activities or claims related to your profession