InvestorQ : What is meant by executing the demat agreement?
swati Bakhda made post

What is meant by executing the demat agreement?

Dilmini Mercia answered.
3 years ago
Once you have submitted all the relevant documents, the next step is to sign and execute the DP agreement. Each DP will have its own agreement format which is broadly defined by SEBI. There are multiple signatures that you will have to affix and it is a long list of rights and obligations of the demat account holder. It is advisable that you read the fine print in detail because, more often than not, the devil lies in the details.
The agreement will also provide a schedule of charges and you are required to go through in detail. It is essential that you read the fine print of the contract and get answers to your questions from the DP.
The demat agreement is normally executed on a stamp paper and must be signed by both the parties. The DP representative officer can sign it on behalf of the DP and you can sign on your behalf. There is also a need for a witness in any agreement that also has to certify. All such persons have to testify along with their PAN cards, address proof, and their Aadhar card details.