Apart from the fact that gold bonds will be listed in the secondary markets for trading after 6 months from the issue date, there are other things that investors and traders need to know about the listing of gold bonds. Firstly, the limit of 500 gm per individual will continue to apply irrespective of whether you buy these gold bonds in the IPO or from the secondary market. That is the overall limit per individual. Secondly, only dematerialized bonds will be permitted for trading initially. Physical gold bonds will have to be dematerialized before they can be traded on the exchanges. Thirdly, when you apply for the Gold Bond IPO, you will not be subject to payment of stamp duty but when you transact these gold bonds in the secondary market, they will be subject to stamp duty at the prescribed rates in the respective states. Last, but not the least, it needs to be remembered that the definition of long term capital gains in case of gold bonds is beyond 3 years. Hence any trading profits in gold bonds within the 3-year time frame will entail short term capital gains at the peak rate.