InvestorQ : What is home insurance? Why do we need home insurance?
Deepali Khupte made post

What is home insurance? Why do we need home insurance?

Swapnil Sarang answered.
3 years ago

Home insurance is the insurance we take to protect ourselves financially in case any unfortunate incident threatens to damage our house. These incidents can range from burglary, fire, earthquake to destruction of house due to riots.

We need home insurance because our home is our safe place, our sanctuary, if you will. It is a place where you harbour your dreams and aspiration. We put our life’s entire savings in to buying or constructing a home, but we rarely realise that our home, like our health, needs protection too.

Just like we don’t wait to be diagnosed by a disease before taking a health policy, we should wait for a calamity to strike our houses for us to contemplate taking a home insurance.

Home insurance, also called property insurance is a popular banking product. And it goes hand in hand with the age-old advice- being safe is better than being sorry.

A home insurance policy will not pay for the regular wear and tear of your home, but it will pay for any damage caused by natural calamities. With weather patterns becoming highly unpredictable and instances of floods and landslides increasing, it is useful to have a home cover.

The recent case of floods in Kerala should be a reminder of all the damage that can be caused by natural calamities.

Aside from the structure of our home itself, a good home insurance policy provides protection to the items/ implements/ appliances and prized possessions included in the home. A good home insurance policy is not just the protector of your cherished home, but one which also helps protect the precious and unique memories and emotions that reside therein.