In an innovative move to boost demand, Emirates will provide Covid19 insurance to all its passengers. The coronavirus insurance is available for travel till 31st October 2020. The insurance will be valid for 31 days from the moment you board the flight. The insurance will also be valid if you are taking a connecting flight to another city. 

The following particulars are covered under the insurance-
  • Medical expenses up to Euro 150,000 (Approx Rs 1,31,62,000) if passengers contract Covid19 during the journey.
  • In case of a quarantine requirement, the airline will pay Euro 100 (Approx Rs 8,700) toward quarantine costs for 2 weeks.
  • If the passenger does not survive, Emirates will pay Euro 1,500 (Approx Rs 1,31,660) towards funeral expenses. 
The following item/s are NOT covered under the insurance-
  1. Costs towards getting a Covid19 test. 
  2. The coverage is free and does not require any additional registration by the passengers.