InvestorQ : What is a repatriable demat account?
Ankit Patil made post

What is a repatriable demat account?

Nitin Shah answered.
2 years ago
To understand what a repatriable demat account means, we need to first understand what repatriable means.
Investopedia defines repatriable as something capable of repatriation or being brought to or acquired in a foreign country. Something is repatriable if the laws of both the foreign and home country permit and don’t impede their repatriation.
In this context, repatriable funds need to be kept in separate bank accounts, because the Indian government doesn’t allow for repatriable funds to be deposited in a normal bank account. Thus, the need for an NRE or non-resident external bank account, which allows funds to be brought in from abroad (wherever the NRI is working). Investments made from such funds can be repatriated, i.e. proceeds from sale or otherwise from such investments can be taken abroad. Such investments are maintained in a repatriable demat account.