InvestorQ : What is a group health insurance? Is it advisable to take one?
nishi Shah made post

What is a group health insurance? Is it advisable to take one?

Swapnil Sarang answered.
3 years ago

A group health insurance, as the name suggests, provides insurance cover to a group of people. This group of people can be employees, members of associations, residents of a society, etc.

Because most companies offer group health insurance to their employees, this insurance is also called employees health insurance. Employers provide group medical insurance to their employees as an incentive to retain personnel. This insurance is voluntary, so if you already have an insurance cover, you don’t need to take the group health insurance.

However, employees can opt for additional coverage to cover their family members through this insurance. Employers and employees can get tax deductions on premiums paid towards group health insurance as per the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Employee health insurance covers self, spouse, children, and parents. In fact, some insurance companies also provide cover for pre-existing conditions and maternity expenses.

Employee or group health insurance is beneficial for policyholders as you can avail cashless treatment at the insurance company’s network hospitals. Additionally, this type of health insurance may also cover ambulance fees and provide reimbursement of specialists' fees for follow-up health check-up.