InvestorQ : What is a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance?
Gauravi Patel made post

What is a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance?

Radhika Arya answered.
3 years ago

A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is one of the two types in two-wheeler insurance in India, with the other one being liability-only insurance.

As the name suggests, a comprehensive insurance policy, provides complete protection to a two-wheeler rider. Similar to a liability-only insurance, the comprehensive insurance plan protects the bike owner from liabilities to a third party due to accidental injuries, death, or property damage. Coupled with that, the comprehensive policy also protects the insured vehicle from various incidents, including accidents, theft, in-transit damages, natural disasters, man-made threats, etc. Additionally, the owner of the vehicle also gets a personal accident cover under this scheme.

Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance provides complete protection if an accident occurs resulting in either partial or complete damage of the vehicle. Additionally, it provides cover to the owner and the co-rider (which can be included as an add-on) through personal accident cover.

This insurance policy can help you minimise costs, as you don’t have to take different covers for different purposes. Instead, you can take a comprehensive insurance policy in one go and enjoy its benefits.