InvestorQ : What is ‘one nation one ration card’ scheme?
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What is ‘one nation one ration card’ scheme?

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Ayushi Kampani answered.
4 months ago

The Finance Minister amidst the pandemic announced ‘one nation, one ration card’ system to allow national portability of ration cards for the people as the government was highly criticized that it has failed to provide food to the stranded migrants. They can now avail benefits under the PDS system wherever they are in the country. This scheme has been announced with a view to enabling migrant workers to access any fair price shop within the country so that they could buy food grains and other items.

According to government stats, the scheme will benefit about 670 million persons within 23 states. The policy has been announced for now and has been rolled out in some states. However, to roll the policy fully and make it 100% functional, it will take some time and shall be in force by the end of March 2021. The said scheme of government will ensure that no poor shall be deprived of food grains no matter where is he in the country.