InvestorQ : What if ISRO comes with an IPO & worth subscribing to it?
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What if ISRO comes with an IPO & worth subscribing to it?

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ramya Bhaskaran answered.
2 months ago

I would definitely be interested in investing in it, provided the valuations are reasonable. This is because it has no competition in the space industry. It has sole leadership, at least as far as India is concerned. In five years, revenue generated by launching satellites for other countries stood at Rs 1,245.17 crore.

The Indian Space Research Organisation has launched satellites from 26 countries during the last five years, Jitendra Singh, the minister in charge of atomic energy and space, told Rajya Sabha. So, the financial aspect seems to be meticulous. Moreover, they have great potential to grow in the future.

After successful launches into space, there is a scope of receiving contracts from other countries since the Indian missions are pretty cost-effective. However, there are a lot of other factors that need to be factored in before investing in the company. ISRO will need to disclose many things about its missions, project costs, future plans, etc, which will nearly be impossible for security reasons.