You must be aware that one of the largest global institutional investors, which was originally against selling its Mindtree stake, has also sold its stake to L&T. In fact, Nalanda of Singapore had more than 10% stake in Mindtree and have been holding the stock for more than 10 years. They have also sold their stake to L&T as has Amansa Fund. Now already L&T has a 60% stake in Mindtree. This only means that sooner rather than later, L&T will look to change the top management of Mindtree including replacing the CEO, Rostow Ravanan.

What should you do at this point of time? It is not clear how this acquisition will pan out but one thing is certain that the current management will change and a new management will be brought in which is not close to the founding promoter group. So you will have to take a call accordingly. The fact that institutional investors are willing to sell out is not a very good sign. Ideally, you should exit the stock for now and wait in the sidelines. You can take a call on re-entering the stock later.