You are correct that on 05th July, the government passed a presidential ordinance scrapping Article 370 altogether and you can also call it an abrogation. When Kashmir signed an instrument of accession with the India, this Article 370 was given to them to maintain their autonomy. This was the document that had assured a special status for the state of Kashmir. Under Article 370, the Kashmir state government had total powers in all areas except in defence, foreign affairs and communication. So, you need to properly understand what does the abrogation of Article 370 really mean?

Understanding the abrogation of Article 370

That appears to be the million dollar question in the minds of the people. What happens to Kashmir after the Article 370 has been scrapped. As far as India is concerned, there is no special status for Kashmir and it is like any other part of the Union of India. From the point of view of the people of Kashmir, it may not really make a big difference but that we will get to know only when the actual outcome is seen over a period of time. The day the Article 370 was abrogated, the government also simultaneously promulgated a bill absorbing the state of Jammu & Kashmir into the Union of India and under the full aegis of the Constitution of India.

It is interesting to know what happens after this bill. Post this new Bill being promulgated, the erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir stands split into two separate union territories. Jammu & Kashmir will be the first UT with a legislature of its own while Ladakh will be the other UT without a legislature. Since they are UTs, they will be under the direct control of Delhi. Once it becomes a part of the Union of India without the special status, the free movement of people would be possible both ways and that should ideally bring peace and prosperity to India’s own Switzerland. As of now there is a total media blackout in Kashmir so we do not know what is happening. The real test of people’s response will only be known when the curfew is lifted and the army presence is reduced the old level.