InvestorQ : What does AWHC’s business comprise of?
Indrajeet Kashyap made post

What does AWHC’s business comprise of?

Rohan Bhadani answered.
8 months ago

Antony Waste Handling Cell is one of the top five players in the Indian MSW management industry with an established track record of more than 19 years. It provides a full spectrum of municipal solid waste (MSW) services which includes solid waste collection, transportation, processing, and disposal services across the country, primarily catering to Indian municipalities.

It is among the key players in the landfill construction and management sector with in-house expertise for the construction and management of landfills in a scientific manner. It is also present in the emerging waste management areas in India such as MSW based WTE. The company has undertaken more than 25 projects, of which 18 are ongoing, as of November 15, 2020.