It was the PMLA court that passed the order against Mallya. The PMLA court in Mumbai has allowed banks that lent money to Vijay Mallya to utilize the seized assets. The court also allowed all parties affected by the order to appeal at the Bombay High Court till January 18. Mallya has already fled in March 2016 to the UK and has been living there ever since. He is fighting extradition to India in relation of fraud and money laundering allegations.

He was granted permission to appeal against his extradition order, which is scheduled in the Royal Courts of Justice in London for February. The process may still take a very long time because it is not yet known whether his assets in India are encumbered or not and that in that case what could be the legal standing of these assets. Again, assets need to be in the name of Mallya to be sold in his absence. It is also not clear whether the sale of such assets will realize any worthwhile value and if that does happen; it is not clear if it will automatically discharge from the legal liabilities in the UK. Whether the UK court permission will be required or not remains to be seen.