InvestorQ : What determines the supply and demand for lead?
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What determines the supply and demand for lead?

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Dilmini Mercia answered.
2 years ago

Lead is never available in direct form under the earth. It is normally available as Galena which is the main lead ore. Lead is normally found in association with copper, zinc and silver. One of the big factors impacting lead prices is that most of the lead can be 100% recycled for long periods of time. As a result, the recycling almost is tantamount to perpetual supply. Supply of lead has never been a major issue and hence it is normally driven by demand.

The biggest application of lead is in manufacturing of batteries; both industrial batteries and car batteries. Since batteries contain acid, they need a metal that is extreme non-corrosive and resistant. Lead is the best option and hence the batteries are the biggest demand source for lead. Secondly, lead is also a very bad conductor of electricity and hence it becomes a useful metal for lining the batteries. In fact, even nuclear reactors use lead to protect the reactors from the radiation.