InvestorQ : What deal did Nokia ink with Bharti Airtel?
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What deal did Nokia ink with Bharti Airtel?

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Priyanka Singh answered.
3 months ago

Nokia has bagged a VoLTE modernization deal with Bharti Airtel. According to the contract, Nokia’s software products will be utilized to power up Bharti Airtel’s VoLTE services in India. This will be the largest Nokia run VoLTE in the world. Nokia’s cloud-based software will allow Airtel to provide better quality and reliable call connectivity to its 110 million customer base.

The software provided by the Finnish company will assist Airtel in freeing up its spectrum, winding down its 3G services and thus boosting the speed and efficiency of its 4G services. As a part of its cloudification strategy, Airtel will utilize Nokia’s Cloudband Infrastructure Software to upgrade and monetize its 5G and internet-connected devices.