If you thought that whenever Mr. Modi speaks at 8 pm, there is something to worry, then you are probably right. Of course, this time there was no choice as the prime minister announced a virtual 21-day shutdown in India starting the midnight of 24 March. All establishments will have to be under mandatory lockdown and the government has only permitted essential services and supplies to function to check the Coronavirus pandemic from reaching Level 3. One classic example of this impact is on the auto sector which is losing Rs.2300 crore on a daily basis because of the forced shutdown. This is the combined loss of the auto sector and the auto ancillary sector. Most of the leading four wheeler manufacturers and the two wheeler makers have shut down production due to the slowdown triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic. Auto sector was under strain since nearly two years due to weak global and domestic demand. Similarly, other sectors like metals, capital goods and even electronics and pharma have taken a deep hit due to disruptions in the supply chain.