InvestorQ : What business does CAMS do?
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What business does CAMS do?

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Incorporated in 1988, Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is India’s largest registrar and transfer agent of mutual funds today, with an aggregate market share of 70% based on mutual fund average assets under management (AAUM). The company’s MF clients include four of the five largest mutual funds and nine of the 15 largest mutual funds based on AAUM during July 2020.

CAMS provides a range of technology-enabled infrastructure to mutual funds and is involved through the life cycle of an account from account creation to processing transactions and redemption of the amount invested. It has a Pan-India physical network comprising 271 service centers spread over 25 states and 5 union territories as on Q1FY21. It has 16 mutual fund clients with an aggregate of over 71.8mn accounts held by such clients as of 30th Jun 2020.