InvestorQ : What are the segments Angel broking works in & What is Angel broking's advantage?
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What are the segments Angel broking works in & What is Angel broking's advantage?

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11 months ago
Angel broking gets major of its revenues from its brokerage business, margin lending, and financial product distribution. As of FY20, nearly 70% of its top line comes from its broking business, while margin lending and financial product distribution contribute to about 15% and 12% of its total sales respectively. Advisory PMS services, distribution, and lending activities contribute a negligible 1% each to its overall revenues. Its total consolidated sales as of FY20 was Rs711cr. 

Since inception, it’s client-centric approach and adaptability (from branches to digital) has enabled it to sustain in a more challenging retail broking industry and it is now able to match growth rates (for incremental client additions) posted by other discount brokers.

Over the years, Angel Broking has enhanced client engagement and experience through digitization of its processes and augmentation of technological platforms. The acquisition of clients is done either directly by the company or through its exclusive Authorised Persons network.

This may be done through organic leads, paid leads, or dedicated sales teams through both online and offline channels. Its client base has grown at 36.8% CAGR from 10.6 lakh in FY18 to 21.5 lakh as on June 30, 2020. Vis-à-vis the broking industry’s average monthly net client addition run rate CAGR of 43.63% over the above-mentioned period, Angel Broking posted a CAGR of 151.91%..