Here are some of the major cues for investors in the coming week starting on December 16.

· Monetary policy minutes to be announced on 20 December will be a critical data point for the banks and financials. While there was unanimity over the need to hold rates, the minutes will also give an idea of how the RBI would react to high frequency data points.

· A viable deal between the US and China will also be key for investors as it would mean that the China stimulus package should come soon. That will surely be positive for the metals and alloys sector.

· Oil prices could hold the key to this week. Brent Crude has crossed $65/bbl and anything higher than that could put pressure on inflation in India and will be negative for companies in the OMC space.

· The resolution of Essar Steel and the payout of Rs.42,000 crore to the lenders should give a major sentimental boost to the IBC process. This could again impact the investment scenario positively in the coming weeks.