Credit card balance transfer allows users to transfer their outstanding credit balance from any credit card to a credit card which offers them relatively lower rate of interest.

This facility can be used by a person who wants to repay huge amounts of pending credit card bills.

The advantages of opting for credit card balance transfer are: 

You can save on your interest- An effective credit card balance transfer is when you transfer outstanding amount from one credit card to another credit card that has a rate of interest that’s lower than the first card. This way, you can save more money by saving on the extra interest that you would’ve otherwise paid on your first credit card. 

Hassle free- The process of credit card transfer is quite easy and helps you save on interest and getting out of the debt trap before it becomes one. 

Multiple transfers- You can transfer not one but multiple credit card balances to another credit card which levies lower rate of interest, thereby overall reducing the amount you’d otherwise pay on your various credit cards. 

Buffer time- Buffer time or buffer period is the time frame banks give to cardholders who opt for balance transfer. This time allows them to clear their outstanding dues either at very low or zero interest rates.