InvestorQ : What are the main events that need to be covered in a travel insurance?
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What are the main events that need to be covered in a travel insurance?

3 years ago

Various insurance providers offer various types of travel insurance policies, but you need to choose which kind of insurance policy you want. Based on different needs, other than lost baggage and flight cancellation, there are a few major requirements that need to be covered by travel insurance policies:

Trip cancellation or interruption

As much as we hate it, we have all had to cancel or alter our travel plans and this is a universal phenomenon. The reason for the same can vary from your ill health/ the ill health of a family member/ natural calamity or civil unrest in your destination country, etc.

By not taking a trip cancellation insurance, you expose yourself to risk of losing the entire amount of money invested in your trip. And it will be a huge amount if you were planning to travel abroad.

Medical emergencies

Most people assume that their health insurance providers will cover if you contract an illness abroad. This, however, is far from the truth because most insurance companies DO NOT provide health insurance covers if you are not in the country when you bought the insurance. Thus, its important to know whether your insurance provider will cover you if anything happens when you are on a trip abroad and if not, then you must apply for an insurance that will cover your medical needs when you’re abroad.

Need for medical evacuation

Yes, medical evacuation sounds very alarming, but its surprising how many time people have needed it without being adequately covered. This is better-safe-than-sorry provision so that you can get the best medical aid when you require it the most. If you don’t take this insurance policy, and if the need for the same arises, then you might have to shell out an unimaginably large sum. Thus, its best not to gamble with health and to take a plan that can give your access to a health facility that can take care of you.