With the completion of Phase 7 Lok Sabha, voting for general election 2019 is finally close. 20 May 2019 witnessed voting at 59 constituencies which include 13 seats of Punjab, 13 seats in Uttar Pradesh, 9 in West Bengal, 8 seats in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, 4 in Himachal Pradesh, 3 seats in Jharkhand and 1 seat in Chandigarh.

Nearly 64.15% of people cast their votes in the seventh and the last phase of elections, held on 59 seats across eight states today. West Bengal witnessed a violence heated battle as the BJP targeted 23 of its 42 Lok Sabha seats and rival groups threw crude bombs during by-polls for Bengal's Bhatpara assembly seat. This was controlled by the police by using batons. Two BJP candidates from Kolkata and one from Diamond Harbour claimed they were attacked.

As per one of the reports by Election Commission on state-wise voting percentages, Madhya Pradesh ranked highest by recording 75%, nearly to West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh close by 73%. Jharkhand gained well by 71% where Chandigarh and Punjab had similar percentage i.e. 64%. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar didn't show much difference by having 55 %. ( all facts and figures in approx.)

Counting of total votes for all 543 parliamentary constituencies across the country is scheduled on May 23rd, 2019. The result is also held on the same day.