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Ria Jain made post

What are the GDP growth estimates for India as of March 2021? Does negative growth look likely?

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diksha shah answered.
3 weeks ago

One of India’s top notch trade lobby body, FICCI, has conducted a survey of businesses which projects India’s GDP to contract by (-4.50%) in FY21. This is sharply lower than the FICCI projection of +5.5% put out in Jan-21. The downgrade is on the back of the lockdown and the consequent impact on economic activity and supply chain across India.

At a recently SBI Conclave, the RBI governor Shaktikanta Das has also admitted that growth outlook was uncertain. He averred that even if demand manages to bounce back, the supply chains and the transport logistics will continue to be constraints for production. FICCI Survey has projected a worst case contraction of (-6.4%) in FY21 if unlocking gets delayed.