Other deductions that are available under section 80 of chapter VI of the Income Tax Act for other medical expenses paid:

Deduction u/s 80DDB: Under this section one can claim a deduction to the extent of Rs.40,000 for medical expenses incurred for some specified ailments for self and dependent relatives. However, if the expense is on senior citizens and very senior citizens, the limit increases to Rs.1 lac. You cannot claim the deduction if you have already claimed reimbursement for the treatment cost under any insurance policy. Also, a certificate from a specialist doctor is needed to be attached while filing income-tax returns.

Deduction u/s 80DD: You can claim deduction up to Rs 75,000 for expenditure towards medical treatment, nursing, training and rehabilitation of a dependent with a disability. A dependent can be a spouse, parents, children, and siblings. The amount can also include payment towards any scheme for the maintenance of such dependent. In the case of a dependent with severe disability, the deduction limit is Rs 1.25 lacs. You need to submit a supporting medical certificate.

Deduction u/s 80U: If the tax-payer is a person with a disability, he/she can claim an additional deduction of Rs 75,000 under Section 80U. There is no relation to treatment costs. In case of severe disability, the deduction limit goes up to Rs 1.25 lacs