Normally, there is no cost to a trading account as long as it is idle. But if you execute transactions of buy and sell, then there are transaction charges that are involved. For example, when you execute transactions the broker charges you brokerage. In addition, statutory charges like STT, GST, exchange charges, SEBI turnover taxes, and stamp duty are also charged. All these add up to your total cost. Demat account entails a number of other charges. Account opening charges are normally waived but there is an annual maintenance charge (AMC) that is billed to the customer each year. This may vary between Rs.500 to Rs.800 per year. Each time you sell shares and the shares get debited to your demat account, there is a fixed charge that is payable. There is also an additional charge in case of rejection of DIS or for rejection of DRF. Additionally, when you dematerialize your physical shares or rematerialize your electronic shares, there is a separate fixed cost that is levied.