InvestorQ : What are the basic precautions that I need to take in using my DIS booklet?
Swati Naik made post

What are the basic precautions that I need to take in using my DIS booklet?

Arusha Ray answered.
3 years ago
There are some obvious precautions that you need to take while operating your DIS booklet. Just to give a comparison, it is like how you keep your checque book safe and adopt some basic rules of safety when operating your bank account. You must adopt such an approach to your DIS booklet too. Remember, to give the delivery one has to fill a form called Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) and so the safety is entirely in your hands only.
DIS may be compared to cheque book of a bank account. The following precautions are to be taken in respect of DIS:-
Ensure and insist with DP to issue DIS book. Please don’t accept loose DIS leaflets at any cost. Submit DIS instruction request slip (contained in the previous booklet) duly complete in all respects to the DP.
Ensure that DIS numbers are pre-printed and DP takes acknowledgment for the DIS booklet issued to you. Keep a photocopy of your DIS booklet front page for reference.
Ensure that your account number [client id] is pre-stamped. If the account is a joint account, all the joint holders have to sign the instruction slips. Instruction cannot be executed if all joint holders have not signed.
I reiterate you must avoid using loose slips. Do not ever leave signed blank DIS with anyone viz., broker/sub-broker, DPS or any other person/entity. Even if the broker or sub-broker asks you to do that for convenience, you must put your foot down and say “No”.
Take care of your DIS book maintenance. Keep the DIS book under lock and key when not in use. If only one entry is made in the DIS book, strikeout remaining space to prevent misuse by anyone. This exactly the way you do in case of your cheque too.
Few more basic things for you to remember here! If you are the BO then you should personally fill in target account-id and all details in the DIS. Above all, if the DIS booklet is lost/stolen / not traceable, the same must be intimated to the DP immediately in writing. On receipt of such intimation, the DP will cancel the unused DIS of the said booklet.