InvestorQ : What are the "must know" financial lessons that I should know before turning 30?
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What are the "must know" financial lessons that I should know before turning 30?

Roshni Hegde answered.
2 years ago
The big 30th birthday is mostly a milestone year in everyone's life. At this time we hit the stride in our career. At this age, not just a career, but a healthy landmark of money life is necessary to live in. This is possible only when you build on some essential concept from your early 20s. It's time to kill the wishy-washy process of budgeting and start a planned allocation of every money you earn. A systematic alignment of spend, save and invest strategy is what the target should be.

Here are 5 top must know money lessons to grasp by the time you hit your 30s:
Be strict towards your budget: It is totally fine to spend on your necessities, fun-trip, and shopping as long as these don't cross your budget. The main purpose of budgeting is to know the actual expenses and then come up with sound decisions.
Save the minimum 30% of your income: Due to lack of control, we end of spending the entire income of the month. Studies say, self-made millionaires, spend their income modestly. Spending 70% of your income and saving the rest can be your first step to start. With time, you should increase your ratio of saving. Make a strict habit of not using the savings unless it’s for emergencies.
Mix well your love and money: By the time your 30th birthday rolls around, most of us choose to settle down with a partner. At this stage of life, you must know how to manage finances together. This gives financial harmony between the two. Married couples who manage their finances like this are happy couples. You can include a monthly discussion with your partner over your cash flow, long-term goals, etc.
Plan for your twilight years i.e relaxing retirement- Most of us while in the thirties tend to skip our financial plans for retirement. We do not or make a very less contribution towards that part of our lifetime. Put your savings now, to see your twilight years happy.
Set serious financial goals- Just dreaming about your financial goals do not fit right if you are in your twenties. You really need to sit back and note down a concrete plan to make it a reality. Make sure you move closer to your goal through executing rightly. If you act right towards it you may achieve it in a year or two.