InvestorQ : What are REWS bonds? Should I invest in this company?
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What are REWS bonds? Should I invest in this company?

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divya Sing answered.
1 year ago

Renewable Energy Waste Solutions pvt. ltd. (REWS) ltd. is a company is based in the United Kingdom. REWS offered a bond for the period of 2 years and 4 years.
This bond gives the opportunity to earn uptill 12% in their 4-year bonds. Whereas REWS bonds for the span of 2 years provides returns upto 10% twice a year.

Let's Talk about the vision of REWS UK PLC. The main objective is to produce sustainable renewable fuels sourced from waste. REWS aims to construct high technology waste-to-energy plants across the nation.
The company is looking forward to joining hands in partnership with esteemed recycling centers and waste treatments companies. This collaboration will help REWS to target short term goals.
Concluding the above information, I personally feel it won't be a bad plan to invest in REWS bonds unless you are not looking for a short term investment.

However, there are some insights of REWS bonds that you as an investor must be aware of. As per one of the online articles, REWS bonds being a profitable bond can prove loss too. This investment is for investors having a very high-risk appetite. REWS bonds are considered suitable for high net worth investors (HNIs).