InvestorQ : What all does a Schengen travel policy cover?
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What all does a Schengen travel policy cover?

3 years ago

If you think there is any difference between a normal travel policy and a Schengen travel policy, then let me tell you that there is hardly any difference between the two policies, except the fact that Schengen travel policy will cover you in 26 Schengen countries.

So, Schengen travel policy will appear very similar to a normal travel insurance policy. Following things are covered under the Schengen travel insurance policy

It covers all medical expenses in the case of emergency while travelling abroad. Some of the examples where cover is included are illness, unexpected injury or sudden death.

Expenses incurred for medical evacuation while returning back to India are covered.

It also covers expenses borne due to an injury leading to sensitive anaesthetic treatment of teeth.

In case of sudden death, expenses are covered for transporting the insured’s mortal remains back to India or towards burial done out of India.

Any physical injury happened during the trip due to any type of accident gets covered.

If you lose your passport, then it will compensate the amount spent for getting a new or duplicate passport.

If you are travelling in a common carrier, then compensation is provided for sudden death or an accident leading to permanent disability. It will also cover entire loss of your checked-in luggage.

In case you are hospitalised abroad for more than a week, then policy will reimburse the cost of return ticket for one family member.