In the last few days, there have been some very positive indications coming from Trump. You need to wait and see how these pan out because even in the past such hopes had been raised but they did not deliver anything. Here are some important announcements on the trade front in the last few days.

· China starting the thawing of the ice by declaring that it would keep nearly 17 American products out of the additional tariffs. This was seen as a positive gesture by Trump ahead of the trade talks.

· Trump has also positively reciprocated to this gesture from China. In fact, Trump announced that the US will put off imposing additional tariffs on Chinese imports worth $250 billion as a gesture from the US ahead of the talks. This has raised hopes that the talks would be more fruitful.

· Earlier, Trump had also announced that he was willing to keep discussions on Huawei out of the trade discussions. In the past, Trump had always insisted that any kind of trade talks would only happen if the issue of security threat posed by Huawei was also taken up for discussion.

· Meanwhile, Trump had also put up a tweet announcing that both the US and China would be willing to meet for trade talks without any conditions in the month of October. This has given hope to markets as is evident from the rally in the equity markets in the past few days.

· Finally, Trump also indicated on Wednesday that it would be willing to give concession on Iranian sanctions subject to assurances from the Iranian side. Iran has been barred from legally exporting oil since March this year. During the G7 Summit in France, Macron had made an attempt to bring about a rapprochement between the US and Iran and that seemed to have an impact.