Abhay Yadav apologized in public about his complaints, petition, applications signed against India Bulls. Abhay Yadav had filed a Writ Petition in Supreme Court and disclosed his realization saying, he misused to file false complaints and petitions against Indiabulls with mala fide intentions. He admitted that he was not fully aware of the functionality of the company's promoter, directors or anything about their businesses.

Abhay Yadav purchased 4 shares of Indiabulls on May 2019 and then he was asked to sign a detailed bulky complaint which was addressed to various government officials, ministers, etc. According to the petition filed in the name of Abhay Yadav alleged, with the help of his friend, he created multiple bogus and shell companies, which received a huge loan amount through IHFL company. This dummy company took around Rs.17000 crores from an unknown source. The unknown source was later declared illegal and forbidden by the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

Eventually, Indiabulls proved that shares bought by him were with the sole purpose of blackmail and extortion.
Shares of Indiabulls Housing Finance showed a downward trend nearly by 8%. Do not stress the shares you are holding now. I would say you to hold it for some time and let the present momentum of the market pass. If you planning to buy, then it won't be a bad idea than selling the one you have.