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vaishnavi mhatre made post

The BJP victory has been much better than most expectations? What do you think has driven this huge victory margin in this election?

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1 year ago

It is a mix of three factors :
1. Grassroot level activities and schemes which have an impact on the rural clusters.
2. Modi as PM is more recognized and accepted than most in the recent past. Clean image certainly helped.
3. No strong opposition face and a disjointed non - cohesive campaign.

Other factors like nationalism, local politics and dynamics have pocketed impacts depending on the region.

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sara Kunju answered.
1 year ago

They probably planned and executed the entire election strategy much better than the opposition did. Of course, I do not know the grass root story of what happened, but I have also been thinking about how they managed such a huge victory. In my opinion, there are 6 reasons I see for this massive victory of the BJP and the NDA.

· There have been no corruption charges (at least no serious corruption charges) on the government or any of the senior ministers. That turned public opinion in their favour as people give a lot of importance to corruption free government.

· People at all levels have experienced tangible benefits and this is more applicable to the lower income sections. For example, the assured income scheme, the free housing scheme, the cooking gas scheme and Jan Dhan accounts has benefited people. When people see tangible benefits they do tend to vote for the ruling party.

· The BJP is not just a party but it is perfectly functioning machinery. They had planned their strategy down to the smallest booth. This helped them to get the feedback from the booth level very quickly.

· The BJP learnt their lessons very fast. For example, the BJP did lose the states of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan in December. But they quickly learnt that rural distress could be their challenged and worked schemes to address. That worked in their favour. Also, my understanding is that most people vote differently in a state election and differently in a central election.

· The opposition party (bet it the Congress or any of the other parties) did not offer any alternative solutions or plan of action. This did not give too much confidence to the voters and they preferred to maintain the status quo.

· Lastly, and this is my personal opinion, I think Indian voters are changing. From 1989 onwards, most of the elections are being fought on caste divisions. This election was fought on a much larger issue of nationalism. The young voter seems to better identify with issues of nationalism and economic growth than with caste politics. That is something, the BJP probably understood and delivered better.