What I understand is that you have bought a call option of strike price Rs.450 at a price of Rs.20 and you want to know what would be the profit or loss at different market price levels. Here are a few basic points to know.

In all the four price points you have discussed above, Rs.410 to Rs.440, the call option will still be out of the money (OTM) call option. Hence in all the cases, the option premium will lonely be time value and no intrinsic value. The actual premium on the option will depend on the volatility or the standard deviation of the stock and the time to expiry. If both are favorable then you can get a profitable exit on the call option.

You need an option price of more than Rs.20 to make a profit. That means the closer the stock price is to Rs.450, the more likely you are to get a profitable exit on the call option position. If you don’t close the option position till the last day (assuming that it is a stock option position), it will result in mandatory delivery and you need to take delivery of an equivalent number of shares.

You need to remember that if you hold this position into the last week then your margins will start going up sharply from the Monday of the expiry week. You need to prepare yourself accordingly.