If you are new in investment, I would personally suggest you pick equity scrips of blue-chip companies. Blue chips are stocks of companies with sound financial records. Returns through such companies are most likely at a good percentage. However, Blue chip stocks are high in cost but preferred mainly by market leaders in their industries.
My recommended global brokerage firms are Citigroup, CLSA, Morgan Stanley and BofA-ML has been seen with good returns and can be rated to top five Nifty50 stocks, which can deliver up 20 percent return in next one year.
Apart from Blue chip stock, you can also check with investing in nifty stocks. Lifting to more than 5% from the lowest point in 2018, nifty has rallied after falling as much as 10% from record levels touched in January end.
Below are few recommendable stocks that are expected to give 50% returns over a period of one year; Phoenix Mills, Mindtree, Shalby, South Indian Bank (SIB), Vedanta Future Supply Chain Solutions (FSC) etc.