You can certainly buy PSU banks but you must conscious of the potential and the risk involved in the same. If someone looks at the depreciation of market value in PSU banking stocks, it could actually be disheartening. But, the good news is that the worst may be over. With the success of Bhushan Steel at NCLT, other sticky cases like Essar Steel, Electrosteel and Binani Cements could get pushed through. The entire NCLT exercise is likely to result in write backs to the tune of Rs.100,000 crore for PSU banks. That would more than compensate for the Rs.50,000 crore that PSU banks have reported as losses in the March 2018 quarter. PSU banks have been central to the India growth story and private banks are already richly priced. For the more aggressive investor, PSU banks may be a good money making opportunity. You need to be conscious of the downside risk in such stocks.