InvestorQ : Should I Top-up my medical insurance or take Corona Kavach policy?
Gayatri Surendran made post

Should I Top-up my medical insurance or take Corona Kavach policy?

Purvesh answered.
11 months ago
Corona Kavach insurance policy is designed specifically to give protection against the coronavirus and any expenses incurred thereon shall be taken care of, including room rent, ambulance charges, pre, and post-hospitalization expenses. The sum insured under the said policy varies from Rs 50k to Rs 5 lakhs and premium differs accordingly. However, no other disease shall be covered under the said plan, though standard coronavirus policies are designed to offer the best coverage at lower premium rates.

If you already have medical insurance in place, top-up could be a good option because the premium would be lower, all diseases shall be covered including treatment cost of coronavirus. For this, you need to inquire with your insurance company about the premium needs to be paid, the sum insured available. After this, you can make a thorough comparison between the two and then you can decide the best suitable alternative.

In my opinion, if you think that the corona kavach benefits outrun the benefits provided by your insurance top-up then only you should choose it otherwise go for a top-up. However, if you do not have any insurance plan and you want protection against coronavirus and plans to buy other health insurance plan later, you can choose corona kavach.