Brokers act as an intermediary between the market and market participants. Before selecting a discount broker or a full-service broker, let us first understand both brokerage service.

  1. Full-Service brokers not only facilitate in buying and selling of stocks but also give advisory services to their clients. These advisory services include a gamut of advice on taxation, personal finance, financial and retirement planning, etc. They charge a commission on the basis of percentage of total amount.
  2. On other other hands, discount broker only provides a platform for buying and selling stocks. With the advent of the internet, discount broker came into the picture of trading. Charges of the discount broker are very less, as low as Rs.10/ trade.

So if you have a deep knowledge of the market, and gauge the movement with one’s own ability then you should opt for a Discount Broker. However, if you need a hand-holding to understand the market then you should select a Full-Service broker.