Pallav’s entire break down of capital gains on RIL will be as under:


Nature of Capital Gains


Profit on Intraday

Rs.8,000 200 x (849 - 845)

This will be treated as speculative gains without intent to take delivery

Short term capital gains (STCG)

Rs.1,05,000 500 x (1055 – 845)

This will be classified as STCG as it is held for less than 12 months from purchase

Long term capital gains (LTCG)

Rs.3,05,0000 1000 x (1150 – 845)

This will be classified as LTCG as it held for more than 12 months from the date of purchase

Please not that only the profits that are booked and either realized into the trading account or the bank account will be subject to capital gains tax. There is not tax on notional profit of your portfolio held in the demat account irrespective of the amount of potential profits that you are actually sitting on the same.