InvestorQ : Other than charts, what are the key indicators to look at for intraday trading?
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Other than charts, what are the key indicators to look at for intraday trading?

Dilmini Mercia answered.
3 years ago
A few intraday traders may prefer to trade only in particular equity shares. The trader might have arrived at this stock list after conducting a detailed study of price movements of the shares. While charts are a good starting point, most intraday traders also consider other factors that indicate momentum. Evaluating stocks in the news is one such approach. Based on a positive development as regards the related companies, some of the stocks may perform well as per the expectation of the trader. He/she anticipates that it will move in the expected direction with good volume. You may think of trading in such shares after basic analysis. This is more to do with stocks that react strongly to news flows, both positive and negative.
There are other variables that can also be picked up. One such indicator is Top gainers and losers at different points of time. Usually, you may find a list of top gainers and loser shares on the social media and news channels as per the recent market activity. These kinds of lists provide a ready reckoner to pick the right stock that meets your requirements. You can get a ready list of stocks that are in the news or where the momentum is clear and discernible. However, do not blindly follow such lists, you may your use judgement and analysis as well. You can also look at week’s movement for more reliable patterns. You may study the price movement of stocks across different time horizons. An analysis of last one week’s price movements will indicate stocks that are closing in negative or positive on a continuous basis. An analysis of this kind will indicate the stocks suitable for intraday trading; either on the long side or on the short side.