InvestorQ : kaun se stock mein invest karna chahie
akash Bhaskar Chavan made post

kaun se stock mein invest karna chahie

Sam Eswaran answered.
6 months ago

Due to the manufacturing, trial, distribution and logistics of the Covid vaccine happening; pharmaceutical companies have come in the spotlight. Under these trying times, pharmacies have been on an upward spiral. Sun Pharma has performed well over the past few months. In the past six months, Cipla shares have gone past the Rs.800 mark. Along with pharma companies, distribution and logistics sector may also perform well. VRL Logistics has shown exceptional increase in stock value.

IT firms like Infosys reported good quarterly results, this boosted their share value. Wipro stock prices have also been growing steadily. Corona virus has caused alot of people to stay inside. People passed time watching television or online shows to entertain themselves. So, EROS and Zee Entertainment are likely to grow further. Out of all the stocks on the market, Reliance shows the most potential as they continue to expand their business to various sectors.