Zinc is one of those rare commodity contracts wherein the Big Zinc contract and the Zinc mini contracts both are normally among the most liquid contracts on the MCX. Normally, in case of most metals it is the Big contract that has liquidity. Zinc is one those exceptions wherein both contracts are highly liquid. Among the industrial metals, zinc is one of the very few metals that have actually appreciated in price over the last 5 years. Given below is the chart of Zinc prices since 2012.

Like in case of most metals, Zinc also trades on the MCX exclusive of levies and other expenses. These expenses are to be borne by the buyer who takes delivery of zinc. Hence the MCX price of Zinc closely resembles the landed price of LME Zinc. If you consider the LME price of $2812/MT and convert it at the dollar exchange rate, then you get a price of Rs.180,000/MT in India. Since the Indian market quotes and trades zinc on a per KG basis, this is equivalent to Rs.180/- per KG of zinc. This is roughly where the zinc quotes on the MCX on a per KG basis. Thus the relationship between the LME price of Zinc and the domestic price of zinc is almost completely aligned.