India's one of the biggest private sector Videocon Group admitted it's huge outstanding to private as well as public lenders. The total claim amount due is over Rs. 90,000 crore. The two main group companies that are held to make payment are Videocon Industries Ltd (VIL) and Videocon Telecommunication Ltd (VTL), owe around Rs. 59,451.87 crore and up to Rs. 26,673.81 crore respectively, which amounts to approx. Rs. 86,125.68 crore to Indian banks i.e led by State Bank of India (SBI).

The proceeding in bankruptcy was already in the process for over a year. It had its consistent irregular due payments.
These are not just banks as creditors, but there are 73 other companies as operational creditors having a claim of Rs. 3,111.80 crore (VIL) and Rs. 1,267 crore (VTL) which sums up to over Rs. 90,000 crore.

On 4th April 2019, this has been reported to be the biggest corporate bankruptcy case in Indian banking history. Such case has come up for the first time since the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code was introduced in 2016 for debt resolution.
ICICI is one of the claimants which amounted upto Rs. 3,318.08 crore on VIL and another Rs. 1,439 crore on VTL. However, looking at the total claim SBI claims highest i.e., Rs. 11,175.25 crore approx. Following to SBI, IDBI stands second as highest claimant (Rs. 9,561.67 crore).