This is a very valid question, but there’s no hard and fast rule for this.

However, the easiest way to know when to buy which form or gold is by asking yourself what your goal for purchasing gold is.

There are only two alternatives for this question:

- For personal use
- For investment

You might want to buy gold for your wedding, your child’s wedding or for the wedding of any near and dear one. Not only is a one of the most commonly gifted wedding gifts, it can also be used for making jewellery sets, something that’s conventionally a must in our Indian weddings,

On the other hand, you might look at gold only from an investment point of view. You may not like the yellow metal per say, but you know that it’s a robust asset class to invest in. The added advantage of investing in gold is that it can be liquidated immediately if you face any emergency.

Hence, depending on what your end use may be, you can choose to buy physical gold or electronic gold.